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Pembroke Welsh Corgi for sale
🐾 Kern Rivers Mick Dundee🐾
-DOB June 13, 2020
-Red and White Male

Mick sired 4 beautiful litters before we decided to retire him. We will be focusing on his trick dog and agility titles. 
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🐾 Kern Rivers Kylie🐾
-DOB October 23, 2020
-Black Head Tri Female

Kylie has had 2 litters and we decided that for her health it would be best to let her enjoy the retired life of traveling.

🐾Kern Rivers Sookie Sweet🐾

-DOB January 12,2021

-Black Head Tri

After two beautiful litters we decided to retire Sookie. She loves her long walks in the mornings and pupuccinos in the afternoon and will now be able to enjoy that and so much more in her retired life!


🐾Kern Rivers Honky Tonk Girl Loretta🐾

-DOB June 20, 2022


Loretta had a hard time with her first litter so after a lot of thought we do not want to take the chance of any complications for her or her puppies in a future litter so we have deiced to retire her. She will be living her best life living with one of our families who already has a Kern River Corgis puppy and was looking for the perfect playmate for their puppy. 


🐾Kern Rivers Classy Patsy🐾

-DOB February 12,2021

-Black Head Tri

We attempted to breed Patsy on multiple occasions and unfortunately it just did not work out for her. After our last attempt we decided it was in here best interest to retire her. She is living her best retirement life with a family friend of ours.

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