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Meet the Breeders


     Kaitlyn and Shaena, two spirited sister-in-laws bonded through their shared passion for Pembroke Welsh Corgis, embarked on an exhilarating journey together. Their vibrant love for these adorable dogs began with Finn, a charming and spirited Pembroke Welsh Corgi who captured their hearts effortlessly. Finn, with his endearing personality and unwavering loyalty, became the catalyst for their joint venture into dog breeding.

     With Kaitlyn nurturing and raising Finn, Reba, and Georgia, and Shaena cherishing and raising Mick, Dolly, and Lainey, their canine family continues to grow. Each pup contributing its unique charm to the household. Their mutual belief in the significance of family fueled their collaboration in building a breeding program centered on creating healthy, well-socialized, and confident Corgi puppies. The two have since extended their program to reach family and friends through their guardian program. This guardian program allows the girls to add stud dogs under the love and care of family members without the complications of having unaltered males under the same roof.

     Driven by a shared vision, they diligently implement Early Scent Introductions (ESI) and Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) techniques, believing that these methods are pivotal in nurturing robust and well-rounded temperaments in their puppies. At the appropriate ages, potty training, crate training, socialization with diverse environments and stimuli, and exposure to various sounds have become essential components in the puppies' development under their care.

     Drawing from their own extensive families, Kaitlyn and Shaena infuse their program with a profound sense of family, warmth, and affection, thus fostering an environment where love and care were integral to the puppies' upbringing. Their dedication to creating a nurturing environment extends beyond their breeding program; they instill these values in their personal lives, cherishing their own families. As their kids grow interest in the breeding program Kaitlyn and Shaena have been able to pass along their knowledge of animal husbandry as well as the love, respect, and compassion they feel for their dogs and puppies.

     In their free time, Kaitlyn and Shaena find joy in training and playing with their beloved dogs. Obedience drills, trick dog sessions, and the agility arena became their shared playgrounds, where they revel in witnessing the talents and intelligence of their furry companions unfold.

     United by our profound love for dogs and driven by a mutual commitment to creating exceptional canine companions, we do our best to stand as an inspiring testament to the power of passion, family values, and dedication in the world of dog breeding. You may hear from either one us as we contact you about your puppy. This helps us be able to best take care of, train, socialize, and spoil our puppies as well as help each other to balance our family and business. We are very excited to love and care for your puppy as one of our own until you get to take your fur-baby home and we welcome you as part of our Kern River Corgi family.

Kaitlyn and Shaena

🐾The Kern River Corgi Family🐾

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