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Our Story

Our Kern River Corgi family consists of friends and family who all love and adore Pembroke Welsh Corgis. This means our family get togethers are chaotic fun with a dozen corgis running around. They all have such different personalities. We love watching how they get along as they grow.

Kaitlyn started this madness by introducing us all to her sweet boy Finn. It is hard not to fall in love as soon as you meet him. He gets very jealous of the girls as Kaitlyn also has Patsy a flat coat black head tri female and Reba a flat coat red head tri female. The girls are only a month apart and so they are the best of friends and always finding ways to get into trouble. How could you stay mad at those sweet little faces though?


Shaena has been in love with the corgi breed since she was young. When on a family vacation the family found Mick. Everything fell into place and just like that there was another Corgi in the family. Shaena got Dolly our first full fluff female shortly after Mick. The two are both very athletic and enjoy trick dog and agility classes. The two have opposite personalities that compliment each other well. He is poised and she is wild and we love it.


Denise fell in love with Kylie when she received the most adorable Christmas pictures of her future puppy. Kylie is the wildest of the group. She is the first to start a wrestling match among the dogs and she is going to win. Gerald or Big G as we like to call him soon came into the family and as much as we hoped he could help wear out Kylie the two seem to have even more energy when they are together! Denise now also has Sydney. Sydney has a very unique color as she is full bluie but also sable. Her Blue eyes stand out among the group.


Our family is ever growing. We are welcoming more dogs into guardian families as well as into our own homes. We make sure all of our dogs are loved and cared for with room to play and grow as they are each part of our family first and foremost. We love to keep updates about all of them on our social media pages. It is important to note that not all of our dogs on our social media are a part of our breeding program. We do genetic testing on all of our dogs as well as temperament testing to be sure each dog presents qualities we would want them to pass on. If one of our dogs does not meet the standards or shows difficulty with breeding we will likely retire them from our program. Even as each of our dogs are retired and fixed they will still be a part of our family so you will likely see some dogs on our page that we do not intend to breed. This is a big reason why all of our dogs are placed with family and close friends. We want to know all of the dogs we take responsibility for will forever be loved and cared for.

You may hear from any one or more of us when we contact you about your puppy. We all work together to take care of, train, socialize, and spoil our dogs as well as help each other be able to balance our family and business. We are very excited to love and care for your puppy as one of our own until you get to take your new best friend home with you and you become a part of our Kern River Corgi family.

Shaena, Kaitlyn, and Denise

🐾The Kern River Corgi Family🐾

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